Chapter 1 General rules

Article 1 Purpose

This agreement is a contract (hereinafter referred to as a “use contract”) for the purpose of using the “Everywhere fax” fax service (hereinafter referred to as the “service”) provided by SOHJUYA (hereinafter referred to as “we”). We decide about contents of.

This agreement shall take effect when the person who becomes a user agrees to the contents of this agreement, or when the person who intends to become a user uses this service, whichever comes first.


Article 2 Definition

The definition of each term in this agreement is as follows.


  1.  SOHJUYA refers to individuals and teams that provide the “Everywhere fax” fax service.

  2.  “User” means a person who agrees to these terms and has applied for registration for this service in accordance with the procedures established by us and has accepted it.

  3.  “Target equipment” is the general term for our network, this server and other equipment.

  4.  “Personal information” refers to information related to a specific individual, such as name, address, telephone number, and email address, which includes information that can identify that individual. In addition, information that can identify the individual includes information that can identify the individual by combining information collected in the future or information that has already been collected, even if the individual cannot be identified alone, and communication history. . It does not matter whether the information is confidential.

  5. “Registration information” means the information provided to us when a user applies for this service. This information includes personal information registered by users.

  6. “Storage information” means all information stored by users in this service. This information includes personal information of employees, customers, etc. when the user is an organization such as a corporation.

  7. “Information” is a general term for (5) and (6).

  8. “Confidential information” refers to sales and technical and other business information of us and users obtained through usage agreements.

  9.  “Price” refers to the usage fees set forth on the website, etc., and consumption tax on these, as determined by us as consideration for this service.

  10.  “Points” refers to the monetary value that allows us to obtain considerable consideration, manage it on our server, and view balances etc. on our application.

  11. “Employees” means officers and employees of self or affiliated companies (including full-time employees, contract employees, temporary employees, etc.).

  12. “Consignor” means a third party who engages in the business necessary to operate this Service, approved by imposing appropriate confidentiality obligations.

  13.  “Related operator” means a telecommunications carrier or other operator related to this service.

  14. “Anti-social forces” corresponds to gangs, gang members, associate members of gangs, companies related to gangs, generalists, political activities, social movements, special intelligence violence groups, or anti-social forces symbiosis A person or group that does or conforms to this.

  15.  “High load” refers to the load that we determine that will interfere with the operation of this service due to excessive access or use by users or third parties and other reasons.

  16.  “Public Software” means free software, open source software, and similar licenses and distribution methods (GPL, LGPL or gratis document licenses, creative privileges such as Perl, Mozilla public license, Netscape public license, SUN community Source license, SISL, BSD license, Apache license, etc.).



Chapter 2 Usage Agreement


Article 3 Registration for this Service

Details of this service will be posted on our website.

In the following cases, we may not accept the application for the contract of the person who intends to become a user.

If the registration information is not authentic

When the person who intends to become a user is known in advance as an anti-social force

When a person who intends to become a user has violated or is expected to violate the Article 5 or other such terms in the past

In addition, when it is judged that the provision of this service will be hindered or likely

The user may not assign any rights and legal status under this agreement without following the procedures prescribed by us.

The user must properly manage the ID and password issued by us with the attention of a good administrator. When the ID and password are correctly entered by a person other than the user, the person is considered to be the user himself, and all results or responsibilities made using the ID and password belong to the user. The

Article 4 Use of the Service

Users have limited, non-exclusive, and non-relicensable rights with respect to this service (however, this is not the case when the user uses this service through an application created by incorporating this service. None) and is irrevocable and agrees to use the Service within the scope of our intellectual property rights. Unless explicitly stated, new functions to improve new services shall also be included in this service, and users must comply with these terms.

The user shall be aware that the phone number provided by us when using this service is valid during the registration period of this service or until we stop providing this service, and that all rights related to the phone number are You acknowledge that it belongs to.

The user acknowledges that the telephone number in the preceding paragraph may be changed by us for any reason or assigned to another user regardless of whether the usage contract is valid or not. . In addition, we are not responsible for the loss or damage of users caused by this.

Article 5 Restrictions on the use of this service

The user must not perform the following actions when using this service. Although we have the right to investigate these acts, we are not obligated to do so.

(1) Prohibitions regarding rights infringement

  1. To conduct or infringe on copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights or property interests of us or a third party

  2. Conducting or infringing on privacy rights, portrait rights or other personal rights

  3. Unfairly discriminate against or slander other people, promote unfair discrimination against others, or defaming or damaging their honor or trust

  4. Sending advertisements, advertisements or solicitation emails to others without permission, or sending emails that may or may cause others to feel disgusted

  5. Use this service by impersonating someone else

(2) Prohibited matters regarding transmission contents

  1. Sending an image that is equivalent to obscenity, child pornography or child abuse, or selling media containing these, or sending advertisements reminiscent of sending or selling them

  2. Sending content that is or is likely to lead to crimes such as fraud, abuse of regulated drugs, spring sales of children, deposit and savings accounts and illegal trafficking of mobile phones.

  3. Send assault and other cruel information

  4. Invite or solicit self-harm or other harmful acts

(3) Prohibited matters concerning illegal acts

① Establishing or soliciting an infinite chain course

② Directly and explicitly undertaking, mediating or attracting illegal acts (transfer of guns, illegal production of explosives, provision of child pornography, forgery of official documents, murder, threats, etc.)

③ Encourage illegal gambling or gambling or solicit participation

④ Use this service in violation of laws and regulations concerning export control and economic sanctions in Japan, the United States and other countries.

⑤ Contrary to other laws, regulations, other laws, regulations, or public order and morals of the preceding items

(4) Prohibited matters for technical reasons

① Modify, change, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, etc. for this service, or use the source code or software obtained from this service without our written consent.

② Use this service to access emergency call phone numbers and similar emergency services.

(3) When making a voice call via this service from an application, etc., do not specify the IP phone number purchased by the user for this service as the caller number.

④ Do not follow public telephone network usage regulated by law or government

⑤ Use any program that adversely affects the target equipment, third-party networks, servers, etc.

⑥ Unauthorized access to the target equipment, or unauthorized rewrite or deletion of stored information

⑦ Send harmful programs such as viruses

を Apply more load than necessary to the target equipment

不 Unauthorized collection of third party email addresses, phone numbers and other information using this service

(5) Other prohibited items

① Without properly managing the IDs and passwords issued by us, open them to third parties, make them available, or make them available

② Acts that we judge that there is or is likely to cause trouble to third parties using this service such as mischief or spam

③ Use this service without satisfying the standards established by us for fax transmission, etc.

④ Do not follow our instructions that are determined to be necessary for the smooth provision of this service.

⑤ In addition to the above, we will act that we deem inappropriate

If a user makes any claim, claim, protest, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “claim etc.”) from a third party due to violation of this agreement or other prohibited matters listed in the preceding paragraph, the user shall make such claim In the unlikely event that damages or attorneys' expenses or other expenses are incurred on the basis of such claims, the user shall be responsible for all damages and expenses, etc. Must be compensated.

Article 6 (Usage history)

Records such as user usage status (fax recipients, date and time) may be used by the Company for various marketing purposes in a manner that does not allow individuals to be identified.

If there is an inquiry from a public institution (court, Metropolitan Police Department, tax office, etc.), the usage history may be disclosed in a state where the individual can be identified.



Chapter 3 Fees and Points

Article 7 Payment of fees and points

Fax transmission points generated by this service are automatically subtracted and consumed when it is determined that the transmission is completed in the service system.

In the event of a dispute between the user and the storage agency or financial institution at the point of purchase, we will resolve the dispute between the parties concerned and we will not bear any responsibility.


Article 8 Delayed damages

If the user delays the payment of the charges in the preceding article, we can charge the user for a 1.5% monthly loss from the day after the due date until the date of payment. However, if the maximum interest rate allowed by law falls below this, the provisions of that law shall be followed.


Article 9 Revision of charges and points

As a general rule, if the fee and points are revised after the provision of this service, the revised fee will be applied to the user even during the validity period of the usage contract.

We can change various charges and points and change the plan contents by notifying the user on our site etc. in advance before revising the initial setting fee, basic monthly fee and points, transmission fee and points, etc. will do.


Article 10 Return of points

The user must promptly provide the information specified by us when we need to return points.

Even if we cannot return the fee to the user due to reasons such as the user does not provide the information in the preceding paragraph or the user cannot contact us because he / she did not update the registration information, We do not take any responsibility.

If we remain unable to return points to the user for one year from the date on which the refund is required, we will consider that the user has waived the right to receive the refund and the user will return the refund to us. We will not be obligated to return it.

The costs associated with the return of points shall be borne by the user.



Chapter 4 Suspension and termination of this service provision


Article 11 Suspension of this service

In the following cases, we can temporarily stop this service without notice.

(1) When a failure occurs in this service due to natural disasters, power outages or other reasons not attributable to us

(2) When the network operation related to this service is affected due to a failure, suspension, or other reasons of telecommunications equipment, etc. owned by a related business operator

(3) When troubles of telecommunications equipment installed by us occur

We will be able to temporarily stop this service by notifying the user in advance as much as possible when maintenance or construction of telecommunications equipment in facilities that affect our network operations is performed.

We can temporarily stop this service by giving notice in advance as much as possible for maintenance work accompanying security or performance improvement or monitoring.

We may temporarily suspend the provision of this service if the fee is not paid by the due date set by us.

We will notify you in advance if we act that the user's action or a third party impersonates the user through unauthorized access falls under Article 5 Paragraph 1 or if we determine that there is a risk This service can be temporarily suspended for users without any problem. Even in this case, the user must pay the fee during the suspension period.

Article 12 Cancellation by user

The user can cancel the usage contract by applying for cancellation according to the method specified by us, and after receiving it, we will go through the prescribed procedure.

In the case of the preceding paragraph, we will not refund any fees or points already received.


Article 13 cancellation by us

We can cancel part or all of the usage contract at any time at our discretion. In this case, we will not refund any fees or points already received.

If the user falls under any of the following items, we will immediately stop using this service and cancel part or all of the usage contract without refunding any fees or points received from the user. I can.

(1) When we determine that payment of charges is delayed or may be delayed

(2) In the event of a petition for bankruptcy or other bankruptcy procedures, or for the user himself / herself

(3) When violating the provisions of Article 5 or any other obligations stipulated in these Terms


Chapter 5 Management and use of this information


Article 14 Handling of storage information

When we request or request disclosure of storage information based on various laws, regulations, rules, etc. applicable to us, we may respond to the disclosure of storage information.

Regardless of the preceding paragraph, if we determine that it is necessary for the operation of this service, such as eliminating obstacles or ensuring security, we or our contractors can view, modify, delete, etc. the stored information. You agree beforehand. We shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the user due to this, and the user will not make any claim against us.

We are not obligated to restore the stored information if it is lost, destroyed, falsified or leaked, for any reason. We shall not be liable for any damage caused to the three parties, and the user shall not object to our handling.

The user shall regularly back up the stored information at his / her own responsibility in case the stored information is lost, destroyed, falsified or leaked.

We can delete all stored information at the end of the usage contract.

We will take measures to the extent that it is commercially reasonably practicable for unlawful access to the stored information or for known defects that cause the stored information to be lost, destroyed, altered or leaked.

We will not disclose any stored information to any third party except as otherwise provided in these Terms and will not use it for any purpose other than the performance of this Service.

Article 15 Handling of registered information

We can use personal information including registration information in accordance with the privacy policy separately prescribed by us.

As part of our support, we will be able to send you emails, mails, etc. with information on new services, changes to procedures, and other information deemed useful to you.

Users must notify us promptly by the method stipulated by us when there is a change in their trade name, contact name, address, phone number or email address or other registered information. . Until the notification arrives and we confirm the fact of the change, we will provide this service as if there was no such change.

We will not be liable for any damage caused by not being able to contact the contact information registered at the time of application without notification in the previous paragraph.

We will not disclose registered information to anyone other than employees and contractors who need to know the performance of this service. In addition, when disclosing registration information, we will ensure that employees, etc. and contractors comply with the provisions of this agreement.

We will not collect, copy, copy, use, or process personal information beyond the scope necessary for the performance of this service without the prior consent of the user. We will also treat personal information collected, copied, copied, used and processed with the consent of the user as personal information under this agreement.

We can delete all or part of the registration information at the end of the usage contract.


Chapter 6 Technical Limitations


Article 16 High load

If we determine that a heavy load will significantly affect the operation of the target facility, we may temporarily suspend the use of part or all of this service without prior notice.

In the preceding paragraph, if this service is temporarily suspended due to a high load caused by the cause of the user, the user must immediately take one of the following measures.

(1) When continuing to use this service, eliminate the cause of high load. At that time, if work occurs on us, the user bears the cost.

(2) Cancel the usage contract. In this case, Article 12 (2) shall apply mutatis mutandis.

It is determined by us that the user is continuously placing a high load on the target equipment (for example, when the load is significantly higher than other users using our services) If you receive a notification of, you must follow the instructions of our company and take the same action as the previous paragraph.

Article 17 Maintenance scope

This service guarantees that it will operate normally according to the standards established by us, and does not guarantee that it will operate normally for all loads.


Chapter 7 Disclaimer


Article 18 Disclaimer

In this agreement, we are not responsible for the facts listed in the following items to users regardless of their negligence.

(1) Any dispute between the user and a third party, including disputes arising in connection with applications and financial disputes.

(2) Loss or damage due to loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of this information that occurred during or after the provision of this service.

(3) Loss or damage caused by using or providing the usage history under Article 6.

(4) Loss or damage caused by suspension of this service under Article 11.

(5) Loss or damage caused by cancellation under Articles 12 and 13.

(6) Loss or damage caused by our deletion of this information pursuant to Article 14, Paragraph 5 and Article 15, Paragraph 7.

(7) Loss or damage caused by the user applying to stop sending e-mails and postal items from us and refusing to receive or receive them under Article 15 (2).

(8) Loss or damage of stored information that occurred when the situation of Article 16 occurred.

(9) Loss or damage resulting from the user's action based on information provided by us.

(10) Loss or damage caused by server shutdown, maintenance, security check work, etc. due to wear or failure of the parts of the target equipment.

(11) Loss or damage caused by the use of programs not provided by us.

(12) Loss or damage caused by the actions of other users.

(13) Loss or damage caused by unauthorized acts by third parties other than us.

(14) Loss or damage of users caused by changing part or all of the contents of this service without prior notice for the convenience of us.

(15) In addition to the preceding items, losses and damages occurred while using this service.

We will not make any guarantees to the user regarding the completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness of this service and the websites related to this service. Users understand this and use the Service and the website related to the Service at their own risk.

You acknowledge that the Service may not be available for a considerable period of time due to computer viruses, security flaws and various other reasons.

Even if the user is unable to use this service properly due to a malfunction or other reason of equipment or service of related companies that we use to provide this service to the user. We are not responsible for any damage caused to the user.

Article 19 Scope of our responsibility

If we are still liable to the user for damages incurred by the user after using this service, the responsibility is for the most recent fee paid by the user in the usage contract. Is the upper limit.


Chapter 8 Other

Article 20 Elimination of anti-social forces

We and you represent and warrant to the other party that you or your officers / employees will not be anti-social forces on the day and in the future when this agreement takes effect.

We and the user can cancel the usage contract without any notice and compensation for damage if the other party determines that it falls under the following items.

(1) When it is an anti-social force or when it is an anti-social force

(2) When you perform the following acts against the other party by yourself or a third party

① Unlawful or unreasonable demand

② Violent acts including demonstrating acts not limited to the exercise of tangible power

③ Actions that force persistent transactions such as subscribing to information magazines

④ Requests to the other party by impersonating the attributes of victims' organizations

⑤ Other acts prohibited by the “Law Concerning Prevention of Unfair Conduct by Gangsters”

(3) When you tell the other party that you are an anti-social force or a related person

Article 21 Confidentiality

Regardless of whether the usage contract is in effect or after it has expired, we and the users (hereinafter, the information recipient is referred to as the “recipient” and the information sender is referred to as the “discloser”) are disclosed in advance. Unless we obtain the written consent of the party, we must not disclose confidential information to third parties or use it for purposes other than to fulfill the usage agreement. However, this does not apply to the cases listed in the following items and other cases specified in these Terms.

(1) Information that is already held or publicly known by the recipient at the time of disclosure or knowledge

(2) Information made public after disclosure or acquisition, regardless of the recipient's responsibility

(3) Information independently developed by the recipient without referring to the information disclosed or obtained

(4) After disclosure or acquisition, information obtained legally by the recipient without obligation to maintain confidentiality

Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the recipient shall be required to disclose or provide confidential information based on applicable laws, stock exchange rules, court judgments, decisions, orders or decisions of administrative authorities, orders, and guidance In addition to promptly notifying the disclosing party of the necessity of disclosure or provision, confidential information can be disclosed or provided in a way that ensures the confidentiality of the information to the maximum extent.

Recipients shall disclose confidential information to their officers and employees and lawyers, certified public accountants, tax accountants, etc. appointed by the recipient after imposing confidentiality obligations equal to or greater than those stipulated in these Terms. I can.

Article 22 Our intellectual property rights

Users have exclusive rights to us or third parties for any trademark, trade name or mark (hereinafter referred to as “our trademarks, etc.”) of us or third parties related to this service. You must understand this, and you must not use our trademarks, etc. without prior written consent.

Regardless of the preceding paragraph, the user can use our trademark, etc. specified by us for advertising and promotion purposes. However, if our trademark, etc. is changed, the user must immediately replace the original trademark, etc. used before with the revised trademark.

Users shall not use or otherwise use our trademarks, etc., that would damage the rights of us or third parties.

These terms are not to be construed as giving any permission to our trademarks.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the copyright of texts, images and all other copyrighted works related to this service shall belong to us or a third party, and the user has no written consent except for private use. Do not copy, copy, transmit, modify, or otherwise infringe on the copyright of us or a third party.

At our discretion, we may provide documents, services, technologies, etc. that are part of this service with open source licenses. In this case, the copyright notice shall be displayed for this service provided by an open source license. We reserve all rights for all documents, services, technologies, etc. of the Service that are not open source licenses.

If you provide us with any information, comments, or other suggestions (hereinafter “Feedback”) about the Service in any way, we will have all the rights and benefits of that feedback, Feedback can be used freely without limitation.

The user shall file a patent infringement or other infringement of intellectual property rights or give the authority to a third party with respect to this service during the period of use and after cancellation Do not file a claim with a third party.


Article 23 Changes and abolition of this service

If possible, we may change or abolish all or part of the Service at any time for any reason by giving notice within a reasonable period of time. We are not liable for any damage caused to the user by this.

If you continue to use the Service after the changes in the preceding paragraph, you will be deemed to have agreed to use the Services in accordance with the contents after the change.

Article 24 Succession of user status

When the user is a corporation, the merger of the users and other organizational restructuring (the fact that may cause bankruptcy may occur, and the debts in the repayment period cannot be repaid without hindering business continuity. (Including mergers and other organizational restructuring due to reasons, etc.), when the user's status based on this agreement is succeeded to other corporations, the other corporations promptly notify us Must be.


Article 25 Changes to the Terms

We can change the contents of this agreement without prior notice to the user. In this case, the changed agreement shall be notified to the user by posting in our application, and the user shall be deemed to have agreed to follow the changed agreement.

If the changes and conditions in the previous paragraph relate to the basic matters of this service, we will notify the user of the contents of the changes, etc., by the method specified by us.

Even if it is determined that some of these terms are invalid for illegal, illegal or any other reason, the validity of other parts shall not be affected.


Article 26 Governing law

This agreement shall be in accordance with Japanese law and interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.


Article 27 Jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute regarding this agreement, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court of the first instance.


Article 28 Remaining clauses

The user agrees that Article 8, Article 18, Article 19, Article 21, Article 26 and Article 27 of this agreement will continue to apply even after the termination of the usage agreement.


Article 29 Complete agreement

These Terms supersede any notice, communication or agreement between you and us in writing or verbally prior to the conclusion of the Terms of Use or at the same time as the Terms of Use. It is not bound by the provisions of.


Supplementary rules

This agreement will take effect on May 1, 2019.


Established on May 1, 2019

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