Privacy Policy

SOHJUYA  is an organization that provides the “Everywhere FAX” fax service (hereinafter referred to as “this service”). We will handle personal information appropriately in order to develop as a company trusted by customers and society. The handling of personal information is stipulated in this privacy policy and posted on our website. We will also continually review and improve the mechanism for protecting personal information.




Protection guidelines for collection, use and provision of personal information

We take personal information from customers for the purpose of providing and improving services. Your personal information is very important, and it protects you from risks such as information leakage, and is related to laws and regulations related to personal information, national guidelines, and other business operations in order to develop as a company trusted by customers and society. We will comply with laws, guidelines, and other standards to protect personal information.


1) Collection of personal information

We collect personal information only when it is necessary to perform our business, specify the purpose of use, and do not use it for other purposes. In addition, the following information obtained by lawful and fair means will be handled.

  • Information such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses obtained from various forms to provide our services

  • Information such as transaction records, IP addresses, cookies, and access information that we have acquired through the use of our services

In addition to this, we may also obtain your personal information by fax or telephone.


2) Use of personal information

The purpose of use of personal information is to set the purpose of use as follows, and use personal information beyond this scope unless there is the consent of the person, unless there is a reason permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and regulations. there is no.

  • Contact about the provision of our service, support of our service

  • Send required documents and respond to inquiries

  • Application to affiliated companies and organizations such as domain registration, SSL certificate issuance, virus check service

  • Distribution of questionnaires, notification emails (including failures), and email magazines

  • Providing information to agents for billing and shipping outsourcing to customers

  • Shipment of prizes

  • Notification of products and services provided by us

  • Confirm your identity

  • In order for the customer to view and modify the information acquired by us and view the usage status

  • Statistical analysis processing of our service

  • Other uses that we have announced on our website and obtained consent from customers


3) Changing the purpose of use of personal information

We may change the purpose of use if it is reasonably recognized that it is related to the purpose of use before the change. If the purpose of use is changed, the changed purpose of use will be notified to the person or announced on our website.


4) Provision of personal information

We will not sell or rent personal information to third parties without your explicit consent.

We may contact you from outside business partners about products and services that you may be interested in. In such cases, your personal information will not be transferred to the external business partner without your explicit consent. When using personal information within the scope of the above-mentioned purpose of use, we may ask a third party to act on its behalf. In that case, we will provide only the personal information necessary for the third party to act on behalf of the use within the legitimate scope of use in accordance with this privacy policy. These companies are obliged to keep your personal information as confidential information, and the use of such information for purposes other than those requested by us is prohibited by contract with us.


Thing about prevention and correction of leakage, loss or damage of personal information

In order to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information, we are implementing measures to control access to personal information, limit take-out methods, and prevent unauthorized access from outside.

When we confirm that personal information is not handled appropriately in accordance with the provisions of various regulations, we direct corrective actions, request reports, and confirm that the handling has become appropriate.



Use of cookie information, advertisement distribution, etc.

On our website, we use our cookies, including those of third parties, for the purpose of improving our services to our customers, such as changing the contents of the website and strengthening navigation. May send data to your computer and store it on your computer.

This cookie is not used to identify your personal information. If you change the settings of your browser, you can disable the cookie function. This service may not be used properly.



About collecting and analyzing access data

We have a page on our website that embeds a collection tag to collect access data from you. The access data includes the URL of the page accessed by the customer, the date and time of access, and information that identifies the browser. We will use the access data to improve your convenience and maintain and improve the quality of our website. You can stop using our identifiers and customer attribute information on our website by disabling (opting out) from the following company opt-out page.

Company name: Google

Purpose of use: Access analysis

Opt-out page:



About advertisement distribution by advertisement distribution companies using cookies, etc.

We have partnered with multiple advertising distributors and posted our announcements on the internet site. If you have set your browser to accept cookies, our notice may be displayed on the ad publisher's inventory. If you do not wish to receive advertisements, please visit the following opt-out page and follow the procedure for each operator site to disable it.


Company name: Google

Purpose: targeting advertising

Opt-out page:



Company name: Yahoo

Purpose: targeting advertising

Opt-out page:


Company name: Facebook

Purpose: targeting advertising

Opt-out page:



Matters related to complaints and consultation

We will appropriately and promptly handle complaints regarding the use, provision, disclosure or correction of personal information and other complaints regarding the handling of personal information.

If you think that the handling of personal information is not appropriate, please contact us below.


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